New additions to the fauna of the longhorn beetles in Ukraine with a new record of rare, poorly known and invasive species

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Andrew M. Zamoroka

Keywords : Cerambycidae, faunistics, new records, invasive species, biogeography, climate change

The longhorn beetles' fauna of Ukraine has been studied fairly well. Its study began in the second quarter of the 19th century and continues for about 200 years. However, despite this, previously unknown species are regularly found on the territory of Ukraine. First of all, this is due to the very large territory of the country, as well as the

high diversity of biomes. In this paper, I presented the records of three previously unknown species of Cerambycidae for Ukraine: Enoploderes sanguineus Faldermann, 1837, Tetrops peterkai Skořepa, 2020 and Neoclytus acuminatus (Fabricius, 1775). In addition, I provided new data on the findings of 82 species that are rare, poor-known or invasive in Ukraine. This allowed to significantly expand the information and supplement the faunal lists for most physiographic regions of Ukraine. I also found eight climate-sensitive species whose ranges have expanded dramatically northward and into the mountains. The most likely explanation for this may be the current global climate change. For two species, I found an expansion of the ranges from east to west, which, however, can be explained by their poor study in Ukraine. At least three alien invasive species and four steppe species of the longhorn beetles have become naturalized in the most of the territory of Ukraine, where they have never been found before. I also presented new records that confirm the presence of Mediterranean species of Cerambycidae in an isolated refugium in the Crimea. Resultantly, 283 species of the longhorn beetles have been reliably registered on the territory of Ukraine to date.

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