The manuscript must be sent to the Editor-in-Chief. The submitted manuscript is sent to two reviewers, of which at least one resides in a country different from the author's. Reviewers will receive the manuscript without knowledge of the author's name as the author will not know the reviewers' names. Review is made in writing on a standard form available on the BJC homepage. The article is accepted for print in BJC on fulfilling all criteria mentioned in the review form and after a positive opinion of the reviewer (marking the 'yes' box in the form). If an article has been valuated as incomplete or in need of revision, the reviewer will point out which fragments, figures, tables, etc., need to be improved - in additional comments enclosed to the review form. The names of the reviewers are published once a year in the year's last issue of BJC and on the internet.

Together with the manuscript, information should be sent concerning the financial background (funding) of the published work (if applicable, in the Acknowledgements section) and other relevant data on the financing of the publication (if any).