Neotype designation of Anthrenus goliath Saulcy in Mul-sant & Rey, 1867 (Coleoptera, Dermestidae, Megatominae)

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Graham J. Holloway

Keywords : Carpet beetle. Anthrenus corona, aedeagus, sternite IX, Anthrenini

Anecdotal evidence indicates that the holotype of Anthrenus goliath Saulcy in Mulsant & Rey, 1867 was lost along with other holotypes in Mulsant’s collection through neglect and poor storage prior to transfer to Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, in 1944. Here, a (male) neotype for A. goliath is designated. The only feasible confusion species, A. coro-na Holloway, 2021 is considered to ensure the neotype is definitively A. goliath. Images of habitus, antenna, aedeagus, and sternite IX are illustrated. A female of the species is also shown. The only known location of A. goliath currently known is Egypt.

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