New and poorly-known taxa of Lagriinae Latreille, 1825 (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) predominantly from the collections of the Naturkundemuseum Erfurt. 1

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Dmitry Telnov

Keywords : taxonomy, long-jointed beetles, Oriental and Papuan regions

In the present paper, the following nine new species from the subfamily Lagriinae are described and illustrated: Acutogria weigeli, Bothrichara dani, B. doberai, B. skalei, Oreogria astrapia, Xenocerogria koteka spp. nov. (all from New Guinea), Arthromacra anoulak sp. nov. (Laos), Bothynogria annamita sp. nov. (Vietnam) and Cerogria s. l. critica sp. nov. (Sulawesi). Cerogria (Drepanomela) cribratula (Schaufuss, 1887) (Sulawesi) is redescribed, and a lectotype designation is made for this species. New records presented for three poorly known Papuan and one Indian Subcontinent species. A brief discussion on generic features of some of the new taxa is presented.

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