A new species of the genus Auletanus Voss, 1922 (Coleoptera, Rhynchinidae) from Indonesia

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Andrei A. Legalov

Keywords : Curculionoidea, Rhynchitinae, Auletini, Auletorhinina, new species, Kepulauan Tanimbar, Yamdema isl

A new species, Auletanus (Neauletes) tanimbarensis Legalov, sp. nov. from Yamdema isl. (Indonesia: Maluku Province: Kepulauan Tanimbar) is described and illustrated. The new species is similar to Auletanus (Neauletes) madangensis (Legalov, 2007) from New Guinea but differs in larger punctures forming more regular rows in the first half of the elytra, shorter antennomere 11, long and narrow aedeagus, different form of the armament of the endophallus. It is the first record of the genus Auletanus Voss, 1922 from Kepulauan Tanimbar.


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